Where Did My Money Go??

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So we did quite a bit of shopping today but the good news is I’m done for a bit.  I’ll be hitting Walgreen’s a few more times to get in on the Bandaids, Softsoap and of course to pick up anymore great cheap photo things they have.

First stop Walgreens where I spent $4.77 and saved $17.50

Next to BJ’s where we got lunch $5.42 for the 3 of us to eat.  Then we got gas there $15.  Gas was .10 cheaper there than at the BP across the street.

Then to Target where I spent $2.30, I used a $8 on a gift card that I received free from an online offer.  I saved $12.66

Of course I went to Kmart which I reported earlier. 

My total OOP for today was $60.88 talk about a spendy day.  Luckily I can justify most of it and the lunch spending was much cheaper at BJ’s than anywhere else but home.  Total Savings was $183.08.

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Chicagolandia said...

Great savings! I can't wait to stock up at SuperTarget on their apples! Apple pie filling and applesauce for canning this year - yum!

Tiffany said...

I'm planning on making those too. Don't forget about the cheap bananas and the free general mills cereal cups.

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