Where Did My Money Go?!?!?!?

This is going to be a daily post to help make me accountable for my spending.  I figure admitting it to the masses will help me shave off more and bulk up my savings faster.

flying money

Today I spent $13.67 over all my trips that I posted about earlier.   I saved $147.17!!!  My spending today included 4 newspapers ($6), bread and milk plus lots and lots of extras.  We don’t need the extras right now but to prevent needing them in the future and to help add to the yardsale supply I got them at rock bottom prices.

So where did your money go?  I think it will really help to right down every penny I spend every day.  It might sound silly but in writing you can find the leaks, in your head you ignore the leaks.  And in order to save for our goals faster I need to plug the leaks.

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