Why I bought what I bought

So here’s the explanation of what and why I shopped like I did today.  The post before was getting alittle long so I figured I’d split them up.

First is my Walgreens shopping.  In total I spent $19.08 at Walgreen’s today.  This is more than I normally spend all week at both drug stores, but here’s how it goes:

  1. We are all out of peanut butter.  We have 3 jars of Smart Balance peanut butter that Dave won’t eat (luckily Shawn will).  I ended up with 13 jars of peanut butter and since I was going to have to buy a couple of jars this week that would have cost me at least $4 and that would only last a week maybe two at the most (we use lots of peanut butter in this house).
  2. The AMP sodas are unfortunate but real.  Dave and I both like them and today we both needed the extra kick so the first 2 were drank right away and would have been bought anyways.  The second 2 would have been bought at some point this week, they cost at least $1.50 each normally.
  3. We also really needed the eggs for the muffins and breads that I am planning on baking this week as well as for a night of breakfast for dinner.  At Walmart or Publix they run me about $1.50 a dozen
  4. And of course I am all out of chocolate syrup.  I need the syrup to make my Mocha’s at home instead of getting one at Starbucks.  The cost of one of those is about $4 the cost of the syrup is about $2 at other stores.

So I easily would have spent the $20 over the next few weeks on things we would buy anyways.  Plus I still have $15 in RR to spend on my next couple of trips at Walgreens.

Ok on to CVS.  Dave has been wanting to get the Muscle Milk to help in his training for the 5K in October.  At Walmart and Target that stuff is almost $7 a 4pk so I couldn’t pass up the price and I bought all that my store had.  I won’t count this as part of my grocery budget because I’d been putting alittle away so that we could afford at least a 4pk a week until the 5K.  I’ve actually freed up some money now.

The kites from Target will be Birthday presents for my boys.  Both birthdays are in October and I’ll probably give Shawn’s to him on Dave’s birthday so they can go out and play.  The backpack is another one of those things we just needed.  I purchased a laptop bag during the Staples sale thinking bud wouldn’t need a backpack for PreK but it seems like he probably will need one.  So we found one that he loves and it was on sale.

And lastly the blueberries and bran are for my quest to feed Dave and myself quickly in the morning without resorting to the awful fattening PopTarts.  I’m hoping to make muffins and freeze them and then we can grab them when we need and go.  Hopefully they will come out great and maybe I’ll have enough bran leftover for a few more batches.

OK so now you know what I was thinking when I went shopping today and how I justify my purchases.  What do you think?  What would you have done?  And how is your shopping going this week?

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Precious said...

Your reasoning worked out beautifully. Great job!

Tiffany said...

Thanks! I was trying to act like you when I looked at my spending and really think about it. Especially since my spending was so much higher than normal. You've been a great help to my thinking.

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