Not Much Today

Well there wasn’t much exciting to report about.  I have a stomach bug and therefore have barely done anything.  Dave went and got me some ginger ale and that was it for spending.  So I guess that’s good, but I’m bummed that I didn’t get to start my Walgreen’s deals or stock up on produce from Target.  Hopefully this bug will go away and I can go tomorrow.

In other news we did go to Orientation for Shawn’s preschool tonight.  I was feeling better (it was short lived) and it was already scheduled so we went and meet with his teachers and classmates.  We got the whole run down from the lady in charge there and Shawn got to play alittle with his classmates.  He behaved himself and was upset that he didn’t get to play outside or have a snack, the teacher told them what they were going to do everyday once school starts.  So here I am my baby is going to school and I wonder am I normal?  I can’t wait it’s 2 weeks away and I just can’t wait.  I’ve been home with him everyday since he was born and I’m ready for a few hours everyday to do things with no one under foot.  LOL I guess not everyone is meant to cry on the first day of school.

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Precious said...

Yeah! I sure hope that Shawn loves it.

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