Kmart Super Doubles Again!!

They seem to suck me in every time they have the doubles event.  I honestly don’t think they restocked after the last time they had the doubles thing going on but I still was able to get a few things.

  • 6 Hartz Dog Treats  FREE with $2mq
  • 4 LaCross Beauty Tools  FREE with $1mq
  • 2 Arm & Hammer Multi Purpose  FREE with BOGO
  • 4 Cesar Canned Dog Food  FREE with BOGO
  • 1 Visine FREE with $2mq
  • 2 Secret Deodorant FREE with $2mq
  • Small Transformer mismarked  $6.99

I used a $5 off your purchase coupon from the last run of doubles.  I paid $3.87 tax was $1.88 of that, I saved $5x.xx I can’t remember exactly right now.  But it was a good trip none the less, I might even run up there again this week and see if I can find anymore of the Kmart books.

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