Great Target Trip

So here’s how my great Target trip went yesterday.  Some of my coupons rang up better than expected but who am I to complain.

  • 4 Johnson’s Buddies  .97  -$1TQ =FREE   (just a little note about these you can print out as of these coupons as you want but you shouldn’t take all of them at your store others need these for their kids to)
  • 2 Chef Michael’s Bagged Dog Food  $4.49  -$1.50TQ + -$3MQ
  • 1 Black Ink Pad  $2.99
  • 1 pack of 12x12 Shimmery Paper Pack
  • 4 cans Chef Michaels Canned Food  .89 each –BOGO TQ and BOGO MQ
  • $10 Gift Card

Total Spent $15.07 Total Saved $23.64  But I actually only spent $5.07 for the stuff I got when you account for the $10 gift card

The coupons attached all funny but it worked out to my advantage big time.  Even if they hadn’t attached funny that’s free dog food and we can always use free stuff for the dog plus whatever we don’t use the local shelters are more than happy to take.

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