Get to CVS!!!

There’s more free school supplies until Tuesday at CVS so go get your stuff or your rainchecks.  Here’s what you need to get.

CVS eraser, glue stick, or sticky pads  .99 limit 2

CVS  1 subject notebook 70-80 sheets  .99 limit 2

CVS pencils 10ct or 20ct ball point pens  .99 limit 2

CVS compass or protractor 1.50  limit 2

CVS Scissors  2.99  limit 2

CVS Flexi Ruler  .99 limit 2

CVS Stretchable Book Cover .99  limit 2

2 pocket Folder .49  limit 2

I’ll post about the rest of the CVS deals later once I figure out what I need to get.  But go and get your free school supplies or your rainchecks for the freebies.

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