Unexpected Target Trip

I wasn’t planning on stopping at Target but we did on the waqy home from the Lego store where Shawn built a free lobster.

Here’s what I got:

  • 4 Kashi Cereal Cups $1 each -$1 TQ=FREE
  • 4 Smart Ones Meals $1.80 -$1TQ -$2/4 mq =.30 each
  • 1 Coke for Dave  $1.39
  • Leapfrog Didj Clearanced to $17.48
  • Hot Wheels Track Set $4.86

The Didj is something Dave and I have been talking about maybe getting Shawn for Christmas.  At 75% off it wasn’t even a question it’s put away for Christmas and we just need to pick up a couple games for it now.  The track was also 75% off so that will go in the gift pile as a Christmas or Birthday gift.

Total OOP was $26.59 which isn’t too bad considering I got 2 gifts out of the way.  I’m very excited about the Didj in case you couldn’t tell it’s something we were considering purchasing and I didn’t have to pay the $69.99 for it.

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