Not Crafty but Frugal Christmas Gift

Ok so this idea isn’t crafty but it’s frugal and is time sensitive.  This is a great gift for the kids.  Your own kids, nieces, nephews, friends kids they will all love this gift.

The time sensitive part is that in the next few weeks you need to watch your stores.  A couple weeks after school starts you will see the stores start to clearance out the excess stuff they have.  This is the perfect time to go buy crayons, markers, construction paper, paints, etc.  Add those to the extra school supplies you’ve probably gotten with all the cheap/free sales at CVS and Staples.  Put these all into a nice little storage container, basket or even a reusable bag and Voila!!!  A great gift for cheap that may inspire great things.

I borrowed the picture above from a place that sells gift baskets and they price this basket at $47.50.  If you can find the perfect container to hold everything you can always take a cardboard box and wrap it in some crayon birthday paper. 

So many people spend so much money on toys for kids and after 3 weeks they get bored with half of them and forget all about them.  With art supplies they play with them endlessly and it’s great to get them using their imaginations instead of sitting in front of the TV.

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