Dave told me he wanted to get an Ace Bandage for his leg tonight so we went to Walgreen’s.  We got lucky and found several on clearance so we picked the best one for his leg and it was cheap.  I did 2 transactions:

  • Softsoap $3.99
  • Highlighter $.59

I used a $4 RR from the BandAid deal and paid .91 and saved $4

  • Ace Bandage $3.29 clearance
  • Spongebob Bandaids $3.79
  • Dora Bandaids $3.79

I used a .50mq for Bandaids and a $2 off each Bandaid Walgreen’s coupon.  I also used a $4 RR from the Softsoap and paid $2.37 and saved $11.70

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