Farmer’s Market

This week I didn’t get quite as much as last week and I didn’t take any pictures because I’m too warm to get up again. LOL  There was someone new there this week selling goat cheese and other organic items but I didn’t really need anything she offered so I didn’t check her prices.  I’m kicking myself but Oh Well!!

I did get a huge head of lettuce for $1 at one stand and at the one with my favorite guy we got 2lbs of zucchini, 5 big apples and a pound of baby carrots for $5.

I didn’t do quite as well but it is still better than in my grocery store.  And I rather support the local growers and sellers.  So do you go to your local farmer’s market?  We have several around but I don’t like having to drive out of the way to shop.  If we are headed out to Home Depot than I stop at the Farmer’s Market at Whole Foods or if Dave and I are out running errands on Sunday we might hit the one in Celebration but sometimes there prices are a bit high.

You can search online if you don’t know of a local farmer’s market and then just plan your errands around the times they are open.  Oh and if you are driving be sure to toss the cooler in the car then you don’t have to run straight home.

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