Money Saving Challenge

You all remember the challenge Precious started a few months back.  Well I’m back at it again, every week on Wednesday I’m going to post what we’ve been doing to save.  So here goes:

  • We do not use the lights until it’s dark outside.  I do have to chase the boys around the house and sometimes yell at them to leave the lights alone but it’s worth it. 
  • When we do use the lights we try to only use the ones with energy efficient lightbulbs.  As bulbs blow they are getting replaced with the new ones but I’m not going to throw out perfectly good lightbulbs.
  • At night I turn off all the phantoms.  We have the TV and all it’s friends plugged into a power strip so that we can easily turn it off and stop paying to keep all those little red lights one.  I also have all the appliances in the kitchen except for the microwave on a strip that turns off and we unplug all the chargers.
  • I try my best to use the fans during the day instead of the A/C.  I read somewhere that I could use over a dozen fans for less than the cost of the A/C
  • I love my dog but when we leave the house she doesn’t get to live in a 78-80 degree home.  I turn the A/C up to around 82 when we leave it’s cool enough but saves a little money.
  • I’ve started a new coupon system for organizing and so far so good.  I can’t wait until all the coupons are in this system but it’ll take time.  By having everything organized I can save more money and time.

Next week I hope to have more money saving techniques for you, but this is a start.  Also if you haven’t already signed up for SwagBucks what are you waiting for?  Scroll down a little and follow my link on the right side and sign up, you can earn money through paypal or Amazon gift cards.  The Amazon GC’s are the best deal for me.  And if you haven’t signed up for YouData do that too (it’s also on the right side of my blog) everytime you visit my blog and are signed in to youdata it’ll let you know if it has any ads for you to view.  If you’ve got ads to view you get money, it’s not alot but pennies add up to dollars and every little bit helps. 

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