Money Saving Ways

Here is what we did this week to save some money.

  • Tried my best to run all my errands in efficient circles so that we didn’t waste any gas.
  • With Shawn in school for a few hours the TV has been off alot more and I’ve had more chances to find the best deals.
  • The A/C is staying at 78-80 when we are home and getting bumped up to 82-84 when we are out.  The dog doesn’t seem to mind and I think it’ll help.
  • I’ve used the mircrowave a couple times this week and made double batches of things so I didn’t need to use the stove as often.
  • The lights are off here between the hours of 8am and 7pm and when they have to be on we try to use the energy saver bulbs.
  • I’ve made a pile of stuff for ebay sales but I still haven’t taken pictures hopefully I’ll get the stuff listed this week.
  • I’ve opened paid emails, searched using swagbucks and irazoo and checked my youdata everyday to earn a little extra $$, it’s not much but it adds up.
  • I unplug everything or shut off the power strips when we leave the house or we go to bed, no phantom power suckers here.
  • The desktop computer is off 75% of the time and I use the laptop which uses less energy to charge and holds a charge for 5 hours.  It’s energy star rated so I hope I’m saving some.
  • I found out last night that the next community yard sale will be the 19th of this month so I’m going to be getting ready for that this week.

What have you been doing to save money?  I love to hear how everyone else shaves a little it helps me come up with new ideas.

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saving money said...

According to me cut down upon small pleasures will not help us to save money. You should plan some good budgeting so you can improve your savings. Take some slow and steady steps to achieve that goal, by doing all transactions from bank and not from ATM, cc you can make your saved money difficult to access. So, i conclude that aimless budgeting is not going to get you anywhere. So, always try to save money for better future.

Tiffany said...

Saving Money- it is a great idea to do all your transaction at the bank and avoid using CC's. However cutting back everywhere really has helped, when you already follow a budget there are still small things you can do to save alot.

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