Plundering at CVS!!!

I love when CVS has happy accidents in my favor especially since they are forcing me to pay tax now.  I’m not at all happy about that I’ve always been able to pay pennies for my CVS deals and now I have to cover the taxes which I suppose is fine but I don’t like change like that.  LOL  So here’s my pillaging and plundering I’ll highlight the happy accidents I did 4 transactions 2 on my card 2 on Dave’s card


  • Vitamin Water10 Orange $1.25

Used $1.25 ECB Paid .09 tax and received a $3 ECB


  • 4 Lysol Neutra Air $12 -$6 MQ
  • 2 Electrasol $9 -$5 MQ
  • 1 VitaminWater10 Lemonade $1.25 (doesn’t work)
  • 2 Stayfree $10 -$5MQ
  • 2 Benefiber Plus Calcium $6.14  -$4mq
  • 2 Softsoap $9.98  -$4mq

Used $23.75 ECB’s and paid $3.04 (I hate paying tax) Received $29 in ECB’s.  The Benefiber rang up clearance $3.07 and it’s still giving the $3 ECB so with a coupon it’s a money maker.

#3 Dave’s Card

  • VitaminWater10 Orange $1.25
  • Reese Peanut Butter Cup .89

Used $1.98 ECB, paid .31 and received a $3 ECB

#4 Dave’s Card

  • 1 VitaminWater10 Orange $1.25
  • 2 Stayfree $10  -$5mq
  • 1 Benefiber $3.07  -$2mq
  • 2 Softsoap $9.98  -$4mq

Used $14.96 in ECB’s and paid $1.49 (did I mention I hate having to pay tax) and received $19 in ECB’s


I can’t guarantee that the Vitamin Water deal will work for long they tend to fix these deals pretty quickly and it doesn’t work on all flavors.  Please feel free to share about your CVS shopping this week and let me know if you have to pay tax now too.

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