Where did my Money Go?

This is Saturday’s edition I’ll do today’s this evening.  Yesterday was not a spendy day at all.  We walked to Lowes to build the schoolbus so we didn’t use any extra gas.  On the way we walked past the bakery and got Shawn a .25 cookie.  Then as we were leaving I bought a drink $1.79 and we headed next door to Walmart.  There I bought a loaf of bread and some new clippers.  Shawn is in desperate need of a haircut so instead of paying $14-$16 including tip for a haircut today I decided I’d buy some new clippers and do it myself.  I found a great pair of Wahl clippers for $19.99 so if I cut his hair twice I’ll be ahead.

So I spent around $23 yesterday and the savings will be many since I won’t be paying $15 for a haircut at least once a month anymore. 

I bought clippers about a year ago at CVS they were about $7 and I paid with ECB’s those have worked well and I’ve cut both Shawn’s and Dave’s hair with them but since they are cheap clippers they are shot.  The blades aren’t cutting well and won’t realign, but if you don’t have the $20 to spend the CVS ones aren’t too bad you’ll definately get your moneys worth out of them.  It’s just one more way to trim the budget.

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